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Got Wall?

You know that mark/dent/crack on the wall where you hurled your Xbox/Wii/PS3 controller that day you suffered another Red Ring Of Death/forgot to fasten the wrist strap before bowling/couldn’t shut your friend up before he spoiled the ending of Heavy Rain ?

Yeah, well – I can help you with that. The blemish on the wall, I mean.

In the interest of cleaning & reorganizing, acknowledging that I’ll never have this much extra wall space, scraping together a few extra bucks and finding a good home for some nifty movie and promotional posters, I’ve put all these up on eBay.

We’re talking just over 16,212 square inches – 112 square feet! – of fun stuff here.

Some of what I think are the neatest pieces:

A Star Trek: First Contact double-sided theatre poster with its original mailing tube from Paramount;

A double-sided Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones overseas theatre poster (No, I don’t know what language that is.);

and this M&M’s / Revenge of the Sith advertising poster.

There are also a couple original theatre-used Disney & Pixar posters, a Lord of the Rings theatre poster, and a couple promo pieces from The X-Files: Fight the Future.

I’ve also started everything at the price of just one dollar. Seriously: A BUCK.

This link should get you to the entire listing – 21 posters in all – but if it doesn’t, you can always do an eBay search for user jrb1970.

Who needs repainting or wallpaper when you can put Darth Vader, Captain Picard, the Argonath and Heimlich “I’m a beauuuutiful butterfly” up instead?

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X-Files, Glass Robots and Star Wars.

I finally introduced Kelsey to The X-Files last weekend, and it was so much fun I wrote about it over at GeekDad , so why not take a few minutes to check it out and revisit Mulder and Scully and our stretchy friend Eugene Victor Tooms?

And speaking of GeekDad, an interview I did last week with Oregon artist Eric Bailey about his flameworked glass robots got linked and quoted yesterday by Cory Freaking Doctorow over at BoingBoing, which is, um, awfully neat. No, seriously.

Last thing for this morning: One day in, My Quest for 1,000 Star Wars Fans is approximately 1/250th of the way there, so many, many thanks to those who ordered Collect All 21! and for everyone’s continued support through sharing, blogging Twittering and ReTweeting.

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