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How to Make A Writer Fly

I don’t know Cindy Nelson from Gunnar Nelson (obligatory 80s reference), but I do know that she has marked a milestone for me: On Jan. 26, she became the first person who’s a complete stranger to me to offer feedback on Crossing Decembersand not only that, she liked it. I don’t know how she stumbled across it or what made her decide to read it, but her four-sentence review on my Lulu site absolutely sent me into the stratosphere last week.

I’m also intrigued by her introduction to the Kalevala, so I’ve added that to my list of things I want to read.

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Paging Austin Powers…

My brother & sister-in-law shared this page from some hokey catalog. Check out item B, "Cactus Planter Couple." (Click on the picture if you absolutely need to see the full-size image.)


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